We impact diagnostic healthcare through
the use of technology

Who are we?

Established in 2019, Envisionit Deep AI™ is an innovative medical technology company using Artificial Intelligence to transform medical imaging diagnosis. Trained and validated by radiologists for medical practitioners, our products detect and highlight abnormalities across the different diagnostic imaging modalities.

Our vision

We are guided by OUR VISION to positively impact healthcare by using revolutionary technology like artificial intelligence to democratise access to diagnostic healthcare.

The challenge

Healthcare services in Africa are under resourced and overused. In a continent which makes up 11% of the world’s population, where 41% is under the age of 15, healthcare providers are challenged by the significant burden of disease.

Globally, respiratory and congenital heart disease is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years of age and this is most prevalent in Sub Saharan Africa.

This is further exacerbated by the fact that there are less than 20 fellowship trained paediatric radiologists in Africa.

Health practices globally are experiencing increasing demand on diagnostic imaging. Imaging workflow is inefficient and inconsistent as scale and speed are constrained by the number of health specialists and radiologists available at any given time. The use of cross-sectional diagnostic imaging (CT, MRI) has increased dramatically over the past decade contributing to increasing medical costs and exposure to ionising radiation. This has placed additional pressure on healthcare providers to work more, accurately, efficiently and timeously in order to provide the best treatment plans for their patients.

Covid-19 is placing an increased burden on radiologists across the world. As infections increase, doctors will be under pressure to diagnose more images in less time at a lower cost – whilst prioritising care for those who need it most.

Our solution

We at Envisionit Deep AI™ have developed an AI Solution called RADIFY™ to address some of these challenges.

The chest X-ray is the most readily available, cost effective and appropriate imaging modality for the assessment and initial diagnosis of common respiratory diseases, including COVID pneumonia.

Our AI platform offers a great opportunity to enhance and augment the radiology reading, of chest x-rays, thereby relieving the bottleneck in medical imaging diagnosis.

RADIFY™ for mammography will assist radiologists in diagnosis and screening of breast cancer which is life -saving especially in under resourced countries.

RADIFY™ is capable of labelling 20 different pathologies on x-rays at a rate of 2000 x-rays per minute, which is 2000 times faster than a human being!

Through our machine learning platform, we believe that Envisionit Deep AI™ will add significant value to our clinical colleagues and patients alike.

A tool for you

We do not aim to replace radiologists. Instead, a radiologist will be empowered to prioritise the urgent cases and thereby offer a more patient centric model of health service delivery.

General practitioners and specialists will benefit from our radiology referral service.

Medical imaging is at the forefront of disruption in medicine and by utilising our platform, you become a part of the movement to democratise access to healthcare for all in Africa.

RADIFY™ is licensed with SAHPRA as a Class A Medical Device as a medical image management system application software. This product is for professional and academic use.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

– Mahatma Gandhi